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How to find the best Bakersfield jobs in 2023

If you want to find the best jobs in the Bakersfield area of the San Joaquin Valley in 2023 you have lots of resources available to you. Even though you may want to work in Delano, East Bakersfield, Oildale or Rosedale, your search can start online. Let's look at how to use online resources to find a job in Kern County.

Job Boards

Job boards are online platforms that specialize in job postings. These platforms are free to use, and you can browse through the available job listings by location, industry, and job title.

In the Bakersfield area you have a few choices:

When searching for jobs on job boards, you can create a profile that showcases your skills and experience. This profile will make it easier for potential employers to find you. Additionally, you can set up job alerts, so you receive notifications whenever a job that matches your search criteria is posted.

Company Websites

Most companies have a career page on their website, where they post job openings. These pages are usually easy to find and can be accessed through the company's main website.

The biggest employers in the Bakersfield Delano Metro Area are:

When searching for jobs on company websites, you can use keywords related to your field of work to filter the available job listings. You can also sign up for job alerts so that you receive notifications when new job postings are added.

Local Job Websites finds and publishes job openings from a variety of employers.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great hunting grounds for job seekers. Many companies post their job openings on their social media pages, and by following these pages, you can stay up-to-date with the latest job postings.

You can start at:

Additionally, you can use social media to network with people in your industry, which can lead to job opportunities.

Freelancing Platforms

If you are looking for freelance or contract work, freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr can be an excellent resource. These platforms allow you to create a profile and showcase your skills and experience. Clients can then browse through the available freelancers and hire the one that best suits their needs.

When creating a profile on a freelancing platform, make sure to include samples of your work and client testimonials. This will make it easier for potential clients to evaluate your skills and hire you.

Professional Associations

Professional associations are organizations that represent individuals in specific fields of work. These associations often have job boards on their websites, where they post job openings related to the field. Additionally, professional associations can be an excellent resource for networking and finding job opportunities.

Online Communities

Online communities, such as Reddit and LinkedIn groups, can be an excellent resource for job seekers. These communities are made up of people in specific industries and fields of work. By participating in these communities, you can learn about the latest job openings and connect with people who can help you find job opportunities.

Online Recruiting Agencies

Online recruiting agencies, such as Hired and Indeed Prime, specialize in helping job seekers find employment. These agencies have relationships with companies in various industries and can connect you with job opportunities that match your skills and experience.

When working with an online recruiting agency, make sure to provide them with your resume and a list of your skills and experience. This will help them match you with job opportunities that are suitable for you.


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